The CCUS 2015: Shock & Resuscitation: Way beyond EGDT & ACLS, originally planned to take place in Montreal from May 1st to 3rd, is regrettably cancelled. We will keep you informed about our future events.

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For bedside ultrasound practitioners, the last few years represent the dawn of a new era in clinical medicine. The literature has now confirmed our initial impression: that bedside ultrasound is an indispensible tool. As a diagnostic adjunct to the physical exam, a tool for guiding procedures, or for monitoring the response to therapy, there is no more accurate, portable, user friendly and cost effective instrument available today to health care practitioners.It is quite simply becoming a gold standard for patient care. Thanks to efforts by many, Winfocus ( is providing the medical community with consensus guidelines on all aspects of bedside ultrasound.

At the CCUS Institute, we are committed to teaching the skills necessary to practice bedside ultrasound. We hold an annual symposium (CME credits by McGill University or University of Montreal) which boasts a faculty of internationally renowned researchers and teachers, and is attended by over 100 participants ranging in background from Intensivists, General practitioners Emergency physicians, nurses, ultrasound technicians, medical students and residents in almost every field imaginable. . We have organized overseas symposia as well, such as the 2009 Bedside Ultrasound for Intensivists, held in Bangkok, Thailand. We offer physicians or physicians-in-training mini-fellowships at our institution to perfect their skills with actual patients. We organize training days for interested groups where a member of our faculty visit your site to teach .

We are increasingly turning to the developing world where we feel the impact of such a powerful and inexpensive technology would be incredible. We are involved in teaching in Rwanda starting in the fall of 2012 as part of a Harvard University project, and are developing a program in Senegal.

We are also developing our online learning resources which include lectures from our symposia and will soon have bedside ultrasound tutorials.

The CCUS Institute is currently in the process of becoming a mandated Winfocus International Training Unit (ITU) and will therefore be able to certify practitioners in the various levels of competency in the near future.

Pick up an ultrasound probe. Your practice will never be the same again...

Welcome, and please join our growing family!

Dr. Philippe Rola President, CCUS Institute

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